this is a kit for a 4 song ep by the one am radio that is only available off of this site.

around december 2002 i recorded covers of songs some of my friends had written. i put the recordings on a cd and gave it to them as a present. there were no plans to release the songs, but i'd like to make them available, so here they are.

to put this record together, you will need:

+ glue
+ scissors or exacto knife + ruler
+ an 8.5x11 sheet of paper
+ adobe acrobat reader
+ a printer
+ a cd-r
+ software that can burn audio cds from mp3s

of course, feel free to just download the songs and listen to them. but if you feel crafty:

:: the cover art (in PDF format)

the tracks (mp3s):
calamity jane
:: cops
:: sioux falls
:: wheat and chaff

please download and print out and put together as many of these eps as you'd like, give them to friends. this is a translucence release (lux007).

the info + story + supplementary mp3s:

1 :: the first song is a cover of a song called calamity jane by the david slade, who is now in the band american princes, from little rock. me + the slade once recorded one of his songs -- discreet charm -- together under the name the young toughs: he sang and played acoustic guitar, and i played electric guitar and sang the backing vocals. the slade also co-founded the short-lived but much loved garbage czar records.

2 :: a cover of cops by eliot rose / the scientifics. the original version appeared on the scientifics album green wave, which i put out on translucence.

3 :: this is a song called sioux falls which was written by webster mcbride, who is in a band called the health. [me + web + karl tupper, also of the health, used to be in a band called pinstripe: here's an mp3 of watermelon seed, which came out on an a cd released by garbage czar records (RIP).] web + karl, as the health, recorded some songs here in LA with me as engineer + producer. this is one of them: things don't fall apart.

4 :: a cover of wheat and chaff by the wind-up bird. the real song title is something quite a bit longer, but then, the actual song is quite a bit longer than my version, too. [you know, i've played more shows with the wind-up bird than with any other band. as of this writing, 57 shows together. crazy.]

thanks to my friends for letting me upload my interpretations of their fantastic handiwork.

these mp3s are already on the one am radio site but what the heck, i'll stick them here, too.

a :: the landmine. a different version of this song appeared on the hum of the electric air! but i like this one too, which is much slower and has a lot more violin action.

b :: flicker. this is the first track off of the hum of the electric air!

c :: drowsy haze. this is one of the new joints. it will hopefully be out next year on a record i'm still working on.